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Former Ph.D. Students:

  1. Jean-Paul Arnaout, Professor and Dean of Business Administration Department, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait, Graduated in Fall, 2006

Dissertation: A Robust Reactive Scheduling System with Application to Parallel Machine Scheduling

  1. Leonardo Bedoya-Valencia, Associate Professor, Department of Engineering, Colorado State University – Pueblo, Graduated in Fall, 2007

Dissertation: Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Earliness and Tardiness Over a Common Due Date

  1. Okay Isik, Assistant Professor at Istanbul Kultur University, Istanbul, Turkey, Graduated in Fall 2009

Dissertation: An Integrated Probability-Based Approach for Multiple Response Surface Optimization

  1. Sean Deller, Senior Director Of Technical Operations at Allievex Corporation, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Graduated in Summer 2009

Dissertation: Towards the Quantitative Analysis of the Connectivity Value of Networked Operations

  1. Chris Garcia, Associate Professor, College of Business, University of Mary Washington, Graduated in Fall 2010

Dissertation: Optimization Models and Algorithms for Spatial Scheduling

  1. Sezgin Kaplan, Istanbul, Turkey, Graduated in Spring 2011

Dissertation: Optimization Models And Approximate Algorithms For The Aerial Refueling Scheduling And Rescheduling Problems

  1. Elkin Rodriquez, Assistant Professor, National University of Colombia, Colombia, Graduated in Summer 2011

Dissertation: Random Keys Genetic Algorithm Scheduling and Rescheduling System for Common Production Systems

  1. Mahmoud Khasawneh, Associate Professor, Texas A&M International University, Laredo, Texas; Graduated in Summer 2012

Dissertation: A Discrete Event Simulation of Network Centric Operations: Modeling Unbalanced Combat Configurations in Symmetric Engagements

  1. Nevan Shearer, Research Scientist, Sandia Labs, Albuquerque, New Mexico Graduated in Summer 2012

Dissertation: Examining Combat Effectiveness in Asymmetric Engagements with Balanced Forces using the Information Age Combat Model

  1. Arif Arin, Founder & CEO at Indata Analytics, Istanbul, Turkey (Retired Lieutenant Colonel, the Turkish Army), Graduated in Summer 2012

Dissertation: Incorporating Memory and Learning Mechanisms into Meta-RaPS (Meta-Heuristic for Randomized Priority Search)

  1. Gulsah Hancerliogullari, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, Graduated in Summer 2013

Dissertation: Approximate algorithms for the combined arrival-departure aircraft sequencing and reactive scheduling problems on multiple runways

  1. Fatemah Al-Duoli, Microsoft, Technical Project Manager, Graduated in Summer 2015.

Dissertation: Meta-Raps Hybridization with Machine Learning Algorithms

  1. Mark Doran, US Coast Guard and Adjunct Professor, Old Dominion University,Norfolk, Virginia Graduated in Summer 2016

Dissertation: Profit Based Simulation Model for the Rail Transportation Industry

  1. Bulent Soykan, Graduated in Summer 2016

Dissertation: A Hybrid Tabu/Scatter Search Algorithm for Simulation-Based Optimization of Multi-Objective Runway Operations Scheduling

   15. Mariam Kotachi, Assistant Professor, Shenandoah University, Graduated in Summer 2018

Dissertation: Sequence-Based Simulation-Optimization Framework with Application to Port Operations at Multimodal Container Terminals

    16. Ahmed Hamdy, Senior Project Manager, STIHL, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA. Graduate in Summer 2019

Dissertation: Optimization Of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Fleet Size with Incorporation of Battery Management

Current Ph.D. Students:

  1. Hesamoddin Tahami
  2. Ahmad Abdelnabi